Welcome to the San Diego Ultra Running Friends

TrailFit Campaign

Thanks for visiting our website.  TrailFit was created by San Diego Ultra Running Friends, a tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Every year, during the cold weather months, we schedule trail work projects to remove brush, clear downed trees, improve the trail bed, get rid of graffiti, etc. on the trails used for ultra running races and training runs.

Ideally, we’d like every ultra runner in the San Diego area to contribute a volunteer day for trail work.  If everyone pitches in, we’ll continue to make substantial improvements to our local trails.  Our goal is to have the best mountain trail running network on the planet!

Sign up for trail work and start making a difference now!

Each year, ultra runners contribute over 1,500 hours, clear brush on approximately 25 miles of trail, and remove over 150 downed trees.  We do this work on trails located within Cleveland National Forest, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Palomar State Park and Anza Borrego State Park.  We are making a big impact, as demonstrated by the “before” and “after” condition of the trail.  While most of our work involves cutting overgrowth, we also remove downed trees, restore the trailbed, and do other work needed to keep our trails in top condition.  While we do not take out any large trail crews during fire season, our mid-week crews continue to work on various trails (more details below).

TrailFit is particularly important to the local governmental agencies because we have the fitness levels to access and work on the more remote trails (such as Long Valley on the PCT).  In recent years, we have helped re-open the Harvey Moore, Dripping Springs/Wildhorse, Burnt Pine, Sugar Pine, and Secret Canyon trails.

As for TrailFit , this is just a reminder that you’ll get a great upper body workout.  You don't have to be Hercules or Athena to do this, and it's good cross- training for us runners.  Plus, it’s very satisfying at the end of the work to gaze upon a wide open trail that was previously clogged with brush, dead trees and who knows what else.  Most of us have spent innumerable hours training and racing on these trails so TrailFit is a great opportunity to give something back and help preserve these trails for the future.

Normally, we start early in the morning and depending on conditions, work for four to six hours.  We’ll head back to a picnic area or Todd’s cabin for a nice lunch provided by SURF.  We make sure to have some vegan options, plus soft drinks and some decent ale.  In the winter months, your fearless trail crew leader may bring along a sampling of single malts to share.  It’s a fun time to relax, talk some trail trash, make new friends, get the inside dope on local races and trails, etc.

Please use the link to our calendar of upcoming events.  Because we will normally be running power equipment such as hedge trimmers and brush cutters, in order to operate in the most efficient manner, the size of the trail crew will normally be limited to 6 persons.  Attendance is on a first come, first served basis.  There will also be regular mid-week trail work outings (usually on Wednesdays) in which you can participate.  Please contact me if you’re interested in joining us for a mid-week event. 

Participation is not limited to ultra runners.  Friends and family are more than welcome.  Children age 14 and older are OK so long as accompanied by an adult (we just ask that you carefully consider if they are ready for this level of physical exertion). 

Funding for our projects comes primarily from SURF and the race directors for the SD100, Oriflamme 50K, Cuyamaca 100K, PCT 50, and Cuyamaca Three Peaks 50K.  We pay no salaries and have minimal fixed overhead which means that nearly 100% of contributions go directly to support trail work projects.

 A&B Saw of Lakeside provides a generous discount on our power equipment.

Tecnu has given us a stash of their soap; it removes the oil from poison oak!
Ewing Landscape also provides a great discount for our hand tools.
Finally, thanks to all of our volunteers for putting out the manpower and girlpower we need to maintain and improve our local trail system.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Ken Bonus, Trail Coordinator