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Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, January 21, 2013

What a difference a couple of weeks make.  Instead of 18 degrees at the Secret Canyon trailhead, our crew encountered a balmy 50 degrees with clear sunny skies.  We hit the trail, hiked under the Pine Creek bridge and down to our finish point from the last time.  After a safety briefing, we got to work and in a few minutes ran into Rangers Wil and Zack.  We didn't reunite the old rock band Three Dog Night, but we did have a Three Zack Day (see list of names of volunteers below).  OK, it's just my odd sense of humor....Extra credit goes to the guys wielding the Pulaskis and McClouds who made short work of digging plants out of the trail bed.  The loppers and sawyers had to work fast to keep up.

The day warmed up to the mid-60s with a light breeze, which made it quite pleasant.  All in all, we cleared about 4 tenths of a mile, and it looks really, really nice (see the photos).  The deeper we get on the Secret Canyon the nicer it becomes.  Lovely vistas, interesting hand laid, no-mortar rock work, etc.  At noon, I blew the lunch whistle and we hiked back to the trailhead for lunch, washed down with growlers of Alpine Ale and Imperial Porter from Alpine Beer.  
Many thanks to our hard charging crew:  Scott Crellin, Art Messier, Zac Carter, David Lynn, Scott Mills, Zac Johnston, Chris Jensen, Jim Crosson, Glenda Kimmerly and Denis Trafecanty.  Our next outing is scheduled for February 2.  I'm reevaluating our trail work priorities for upcoming races so the exact location for trail work on the 2nd will be determined in the next couple of days.