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1/2 and 1/4

Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, January 5, 2014
Hi and Happy New Year to All!

K-Mac, Howard and I thought that the best way to start out the new year would be to kill some more ceanothus.  With that objective in mind, on Thursday we hitched a ride to the top of Cuyamaca Peak and began hiking down the Burnt Pine trail, noting for future removal various downed trees along the way.  After a couple of miles, we hit the last section of overgrowth and deployed a brush cutter and herbicide to their usual deadly effect.  This completes all of the hard work over numerous outings to widen the trail corridor and make Burnt Pine a nicely runnable trail.  Right now, you may have to hop over (or sneak under) some downed trees, but I encourage you to get out there and enjoy the trail and it's lovely views.  We finished hiking out to Fern Flat Road, via the West Mesa trail, and returned to Paso Picacho for a nice lunch.  Dare I even say that it was in the mid 60s and sunny?  Perfect winter weather for trail work and nice bottle of Stone Cali-Belgique.
On Saturday, we got another enthusiastic trail work crew together at Todd's cabin.  I arrived early to get a fire going in the wood stove but eventually we all left the warmth of the cabin and hit the trail to work on the PCT.  We split up into two groups, to work both north and south of the cabin.  Alas, this warm weather resulted in fire restrictions that prevented us from deploying The Obliterator.  So, we did our work with just hand tools.
With the completion of this 1.25 section, the PCT from Boulder Oaks to Sunrise trailhead is now in wonderful shape. Since we wrapped up the work on the PCT a little early, a few of us also worked on widening out the area at the cabin that is used for the aid station.  This should give runners and aid station volunteers a bit more free space.  Post-work lunch was in the cozy cabin and included a growler of the #1 favorite ale of trail workers:  Captain Stout from Alpine Beer.  Thanks to Todd for the use of the cabin and to SURF for the lunch fixings.  Finally, thanks to our crew:  Brooke and Matt Whalen, John Vanderpot, Jim Dascoulias (the head of Roads and Trails for Anza Borrego and Cuyamaca parks), Carrie and Paul Jesse, and Eli Ellefsen.
For general information, I've added more trail work dates for March and April. Sign up at  It's going to be another great year for trailwork!