Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Thursday, January 29, 2015
Twas a blustery day in the mountains on Saturday, January 24.  Overcoming the headwinds on I-8, our fearless crew met me at the Pioneer Mail picnic area on Mt. Laguna:  Tim "Mr. Orange Mud" Christoni, Karen Ross, Vic Marlow, Kurt Erlandson, Daniel Griffin, Christine Bilange and her friend Bill (sorry Bill:  I couldn't quite make out how your last name was spelled).  

Kudos to Daniel for coming down all the way from Berkley, CA to participate in the day's work.  He is currently in the lead for "Volunteer Who Came the Farthest Distance."  More kudos to Tim for taking a bunch of videos, which we hope to have available in the not-too-distant future.  Tim was also modeling clothes and other gear from Orange Mud.  It looked like pretty good technical stuff for ultra runners.  Did I mention he was mostly in orange clothes?

Due to the high winds, we were unable to run The Obliterator.  So, with hand tools in hand, we headed over to work on the Pine Mountain trail.  Everyone soon warmed up by cutting lots of brush.  Tossing the cuttings off the trail was no problem provided you threw it with the wind.....

Post-work lunch was at Todd's cabin (thanks Todd!).  A hearty feast was enjoyed by all, topped off by Christine's homemade brownies.  Thanks Christine!  See attached photo of the happy crew enjoying a well-earned lunch.
We cleared about .6 mile of trail, which is an excellent accomplishment with just hand tools.  Stand by for the future release of some video showing the crew in action.  Thanks again to everyone for their hard work on the trail.