Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, January 31, 2016
This was our first Grrrls Only trail work day and it was fabulous.  Anita and I met up at Todd's cabin with Angela Shartel, Mary Lou Lackey, Renee Drucas and Carrie Jesse.  The day was sunny with a brisk wind blowing, just about perfect for trail work.  We left behind Anita and the warmth of the cabin and headed up Todd's hill to join the PCT.  I powered up The Obliterator and we proceeded south along the trail, trimming back the new growth that has come up iin the past few years.
Just past old air force road, we encountered a large downed oak that was sprawled across the trail like a drunk out late on a Saturday night.  We had a couple of handsaws so I set about showing the crew how to be....... The Lumberjills!  Check out the before and after pics to see the nice job they did.  
So, we loaded back up and I restarted The Obliterator only to run into a second tree about 50 yards past the first one.  This was another oak and a bit more of a complex job.  The crew set upon the tree like a swarm of locusts and soon it too was reduced to a mere memory.  
Duly inspired, we continued south on the PCT, letting The Obliterator chew its way thru the overgrowth, stopping a few times to admire the rare blue spruce trees on this section of the trail.  Then, it was back to the cabin for a delicious lunch served up by Anita.  Homemade vegan chili, brie and crackers, grapes, some nice Karl Strauss ale, topped off by Anita's tasty appleway pudding cake.
Thanks to Todd for the use of the cabin on a cold winter day.  Thanks to Anita for keeping the fire going in the woodstove and for all the nice food she cooked up.  And, thanks to our hard working Lumberjills.