Trail work reports archive

10/23 and 10/27

Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, October 28, 2013

On Wednesday 10-23, Dave Capron, Ken McIntyre and I headed up the Middle Peak fire road for an outing on the Black Oak west trail.  While it was sunny and crisp on the mountain, the lower elevations were still socked in with clouds, as show in the photos.  We did our usual slashing of ceanothus with The Obliterator, followed by a dousing of the cut stumps with herbicide.  Die ceanothus die!  OK, I feel better now.

On our way back to Paso Picacho, we stopped and pulled out a chainsaw to cut down a couple of fallen trees that were impairing passage on the fire road.  Then, on to lunch with a sampling of an excellent Imperial Stout from Iron Fist brewery.  

On Sunday, 10-27, I met up with Paul Escola and Zac Johnson at the Roost. Zac was apparently so excited to be out doing trail work again that he went out and purchased a brand new truck!  A picture of the proud dad and his newest family addition are included.  We gingerly drove in the new wheels down Thing Valley Road to Dale's Soup Kitchen trying not to get any dust.  From there, we hiked south on the PCT and picked up work on the trail from where we left off on the 19th.  It was another great fall morning and the PCT is looking really nice.  Post-work was a picnic lunch back at the Roost, accompanied by a few bottles of Black Butte Porter.  

Thanks to our hard-working and new-car-buying volunteers!