Trail work reports archive

11/13 and 11/17

Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, November 18, 2013

The usual gang of geezers:  yours truly, Ken McIntyre and Howard Wiggins, head up to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on Wed. 11-13.  We met up with one of the park staff, John Sproule, to remove downed trees on the Sugar Pine and Black Oak West trails.  In total, we removed about 10 trees, ranging from some small saplings to a massive oak that was about 40 inches across.  John showed us some clever techniques when using the big 32 inch chainsaw.  Post-work lunch was at the picnic area at Paso Picacho, where we shared a tall boy of the Wootstout collaboration ale from Stone Brewing.  Dark and tasty it was, but quite potent at 13.5% ABV!  Sorry, forgot my camera again so no photos from Wed.
On Sunday, I arrived very early at Todd's cabin to unload the fixings for lunch and make a fire in the woodstove to warm up the cabin.  To my delight, it was sunny and clear.  So much for the forecast of a chance of showers.  At 7:30, I met up with our crew:  Jeff Hooker, Gayle Szabo, Mary Lou Lackey, Heather Kenney, Jim Crosson, Adam Kimmerly and Johnnie Lyman (the latter two were pinch hitting for Denis Trafecanty who had to drop out at the last minute).  I passed out some of our newest model TrailFit t-shirts, in a bright green.  See the photos of the same, as modeled by the crew.
Once again, we drove down Thing Valley Road to Dale's Soup Kitchen.  From there, we hiked south on the PCT to pick up working from where we left off last time.  I am please to report that we finished off this entire section from Dales south to the unmarked trail that leads west over to the spring.  I ran The Obliterator and our hard working crew tossed brush, trimmed and loppered, and even repaired a couple of the water berms.  Why, they were having so much fun that when we finished up early, they were willing to drive over to Todd's cabin and do some additional work on the PCT behind the cabin.
The cabin was nice and cosy for our lunch.  Thanks to SURF for the lunch fixings and beer.  Thanks to Todd Leigh for the use of the cabin.  Lastly, thanks to our crew for their hard work and the extra time spent on the PCT just north of the cabin.  We don't have any more trail work outings planned until early December so I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!