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Posted by Scott Crellin on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Well, at least this Saturday no one was in danger of heat exhaustion.  45 degrees, cloudy with a brisk wind at Pioneer Mail.  Todd Leigh, Ken McIntyre, Nathan Simpson and I met up with Wil and Greg of the Forest Service.  We also ran into Denis Trafecanty and Glenda Kimmerly, returning to Pioneer after doing some early morning trimming on the PCT.  Due to my cold fingers, didn't get as many photos as usual.  You'll just have to imagine us out on the trail.  
I fired up The Obliterator and we began attacking the overgrowth, beginning at the trail head at Pioneer and working back south on the PCT.  We covered about a half mile of trail that now looks like a super highway.  Kudos to Todd, Nate, Mac and Wil for keeping up the swamping for two brush cutters.  After a couple of hours running The Obliterator, I was more than happy to pass it off to Mac for the rest of the morning.  At noon, I blew the lunch whistle and we headed back to Todd's cabin for lunch.  Along with a hearty lunch, some lies were told, a growler of Pale Ale from Manzanita Brewing and few drams of single malt enjoyed, and the warmth from the wood stove much appreciated.  Thanks, as always, to Todd and Carola for sharing the cabin with us (and not just for trail work but for so many other running related activities).  

Our next outing is on December 8 (the work day previously scheduled for 12-2 has been cancelled).  We'll probably return to the PCT at Pioneer but I'll have more details on this shortly.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving.