Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, November 10, 2013
On Wed. 11-6, Ken McIntyre and I headed up to the Cuyamacas to work on the Black Oak west trail.  Sorry, no photos so you'll have to take my word for the fact that the trail is almost completely re-worked.  Mac and I hit the overgrowth with a combo of a brush cutter and pole hedger, followed by a dousing with herbicide on the cut stumps of ceanothus.  It was a lovely fall day, with views all the way to Point Loma, San Clemente Island and Catalina Island.

On Saturdy, 11-9, we had another outing to work on the PCT south of Dale's Soup Kitcher.  Will Brennan from the USFS was able to join us so we had the use of two brush cutters to really clear out the brush.  Again, it was another glorious fall day, with still a decent amount of golden leaves on the black oaks.  The rest of our crew consisted of Morgan Goff and his teenage son, Gavin, Ken McIntyre and Howard Wiggins (the latter two graciously switched their work plans from Cuyamaca to the PCT in order to help fill in for a couple of last minute cancellations).  

With two brush cutters, you can well imagine that we left quite a debris field in our wake.  Our hard working crew cleared it all up, and Gavin in particular is to be noted for giving up a free Saturday to come out and help us on the trail.  We still have a little bit left to complete on this section of the PCT and then we should be ready to move on to some other trails.  Alas, Morgan and Gavin could not hang out for lunch as Gavin was eager to hit the beach and look for some waves to surf.  Ah, the enthusiasm of the young!  Mac, Howard and I drove over to Todd's cabin for an al fresco lunch under the oak trees, capped off with some Obsidian Stout from Deschuttes Brewery.  Thanks to Todd Leigh for the use of the cabin.

I've attached a few photos to enjoy.  Thanks to everyone on our crew for their hard work.  Happy Fall to all!