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Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, February 15, 2016
Well, I am here to tell you officially that winter must be over!  Last night I froze water in my water bottles so that I would have something nice and cold to drink while working.  I met up at the Horsethief trailhead with Stacy Fox, David Fellow, Bill Skyles, Even Goodwin, Anthony Harju and Ryan Shaw.  Due to the warm weather, the Forest Service rules would not allow us to use power equipment (even though most of our work today was not within the Pine Creek Wilderness).  So, armed with loppers, hedgers, pitchforks and a hand saw, we headed down the hill on the trail.  We cleared back new growth from the trailhead to where we left off work the previous Saturday, an amazing distance of 2.5 miles!  Yes, we had some sections of trail that did not require any trimming, but still the crew really pumped out the work today.
Several members of the crew had not been on this trail before so we took a nice break at the end of the morning at the big pool where the trail crosses Pine Creek.  What is it about having running water that makes everything so much more pleasant? 
Then it was time for the long trudge back up that #%&*! hill to the trailhead.  Where, lunch awaited us in the back of my Blu-J.  It was close to 80 degrees and just about perfect for a sandwich and a cold beer.    

Thanks to everyone for their hard work today.  The trail looks fabulous and has now been brushed and manicured from the trailhead north about 6 miles.  We have a couple of miles left to trim at the north end of Secret Canyon next Saturday and then the whole trail will be looking mighty fine.  Happy running everyone!