Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, February 4, 2013
On Saturday, we took advantage of the nice weather and got a trail work crew together to work on the PCT near the Sunrise Aid station.  One group took loppers and clippers and brushed the trail north to the junction with Mason Valley Truck Trail.  A second group, drove over to the gate for the Lucky 5 Ranch and work back north on the PCT with a couple of brush cutters.  Post-work lunch was held at Todd's cabin (thanks Todd!) and included an interesting analysis by Cory Schmelzer of the financial implications of purchasing one of those fancy new electric cars.  Personally, I decided I wanted one - money be damned - once I heard how fast the thing was.  Additional thanks to Ken MacIntyre for bring along a six pack of Negra Modela to enjoy along with my grower of Rustic Horizon ale from Manzanita Brewing.  Also a shout out to Jeri for her extra help with the clean up from lunch.  A couple of photos are attached.
So, next time you're running the PCT between Lucky 5 and Mason Valley, you can give a silent nod of thanks to:  Cory Schmelzer, Jeff Conery, Jeri Ginsburg, Dave Capron, John Martinez, Glenda Kimmerly, Denis Trafecanty, Michele Pauley, Anders Juncker-Jensen, Lance Woolley and Jim Crosson.  Sorry, in my haste to get to work on the trail, I forgot to take a group photo at Sunrise.
Now, as to Secret Canyon:  on Thursday, Ken Mac and I lead a group of hikers out to explore the southern end of the trail.  Our first stop was the photogenic pools in Pine Creek, about a mile from the trailhead.  It was a sunny and unseasonably warm day which unfortunately roused the local ticks from their slumber.  I must have picked about 20 off of me over the course of the hike.  Little #%@#&*'s.  The trail was pretty passable for about 4 miles from the trailhead and then it just vanished.  Nothing but thick brush and we could not find any trace of the route.  I've asked the Forest Service to flag the trail from this point but let me just say that we've got our work cut out for ourselves in the middle portion of this trail.  It will take our type of uber-fit guys and gals to restore this trail.  But it will be worth every drop of sweat because the vistas along the trail were terrific.  See the attached photos.
Next up for trail work on 2-16 is the PCT between Pioneer Mail and Penny Pines.  This date is already filled up with volunteers so check out other opportunities at  Thanks for helping out!