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Posted by Scott Crellin on Wednesday, March 2, 2016
Ah, the joys of endless summer.  No rain in sight and luckily, the USFS said it was safe enough to operate power equipment today (Friday:  no go).  So, I packed up The Obliterator, food and the usual equipment and headed up to Cibbets Flat campground to meet John Hockett, Scott Holliser, Cris Francisco, Brian Ritschel and Syvere Valentin.  We hiked up that #$%@* road to the PCT and then south on the PCT itself about a mile to the point where we left off from previous work.

Soon, I was clearing out brush and the crew was eagerly tossing the cuttings and trimming up the loose ends.  The trail looks great!  We cleared about .6 mile.  Maybe one more session to finish up and then pretty much all of the PCT from Boulder Oaks to Dale's Soup Kitchen will be like brand new!  We enjoyed seeing quite a few ultra runners out for a training run that morning.  
Post work, we took advantage of the warm weather to have a picnic lunch under the shady oak trees at Cibbetts Flat.  See attached photo.  Even more wonderful, the deer flies have apparently not yet arrived.  
One of the great things about ultra runners is how freely they share tips, techniques, race strategies, etc. with each other.  This crew was especially talkative about such matters, even to the degree of "be sure to slow down when you reach the big hill at mile such-and-such,"  I've always thought of our trail work projects as part of the social fabric for the ultra community and today's outing reinforced that viewpoint.  My (Trailfit) hat is off to the crew for their hard work today.