Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, February 8, 2015

On Wednesday
, Los Tres Kens (Bonus, Marsh and McIntyre) plus Howard Wiggins headed up to Cuyamaca Rancho State Park to work on the Kelly Ditch trail.  For those who may not be familiar with the trail since it's not included any of the races, it runs from Lake Cuyamaca to William Heise County Park, about 8 miles one way.  After being heavily overgrown for years, it's now in pretty good condition, subject to recent downed trees here and there.  You could make a nice training run out of this (water is available at William Heise) but beware the long hill coming back up from Heise!
We were working on a segment of the trail near the lake that needed have some old overgrowth removed.  So, lots of chainsaw activity.  This portion follows the historical Kelly Ditch itself, which is pretty cool.  I've included a couple of before/after pics.
On Saturday, I met with up a new crew at Pioneer Mail:  Eli Ellefsen, Brian Recore, Julie "the Secret Canyon Girl" Santillan, Ace Gallegos, plus a second Ken, the auld Scot himself, McIntyre.  
Due to weather conditions, we were not able to deploy The Obliterator but we still got plenty of work done with hand tools clearing new growth on the Pine Mtn trail.  Post-work, we enjoyed a nice picnic at Pioneer Mail.  It was a lovely sunny day, hard to believe it's only early February!
Thanks to everyone for their hard work.  Our local trails are just looking better and better.