Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, February 7, 2016
Well, I guess winter is over, huh?  On Wed, I went out for a solo scouting hike 5 miles on the Secret Canyon trail from the Horsethief trailhead and it was freezing.  Ran into a big downed oak that I was able to clear using a couple of hand saws. 

Today, I met at the same trailhead with Edward Wang, Greg Gayman, Tony Sandoval, Andi Ramer, Michele Pauley and Vince Villegas.  It was sunny and about 15 degrees warmer than the same time on Wed.  Go figure.  
Our cheerful tribe hiked in 4 miles and then cleared about 1.75 miles of trail, including some incidental saw work and correction of the tread location.  There was plenty of water running thru Pine Creek and it was a real treat to hear the water burbling along.  And, to provide a wee bit of ultra running style suffering, we had the steep final .5 climb out in the sun and temps in the mid 70s.  
The warm weather, of course,  made for ideal picnic conditions.  Everyone enjoyed lunch in the sun at the trailhead.  So far, the TrailFit socks look like a bit hit with the crews.  Come out to work and get your own pair!
As usual, many thanks to our hard working crew.  The Secret Canyon trail looks perfect!

Ken Bonus