Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, March 18, 2013

The March 17 SD Trailfit "Overflow" volunteer consisted of 10 hearty souls who gathered with work tools at the trailhead and proceeded to hike up Secret Canyon for 2.5 miles to commence working the southern section of the canyon.  An impressive .6 miles of trail was cleared and all of us enjoyed the beauty and views that were afforded at every turn.  The hike back out was interrupted by a 6 foot rattler that made it clear we were not welcome on his trail :-), but other than that a spectacular day with great "Friends of the Trail"

We all enjoyed some post race refreshments and sandwiches back at the trailhead.  Thanks to Rali Roesing (and her kids who are now veteran trailfitters), Sean Callahan, Brian Long, Mike Thomas, Jeremiah Galyon, & Joe Brophy for all your support and hard work.  Pictures attached!