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Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, March 18, 2013

On Wednesday, Julie and Carlos Santillan, Ken McIntyre, Wally Borschel and I did some trail work on the west end of the Secret Canyon trail, starting near it's junction with the Espinosa Trail.  We had lovely warm weather, but cool enough water in Pine Creek that we could stash a bottle of beer to cool down for lunch.  While the beer was cooling, our small group cleared about .5 mile of trail.  Before and after pics are attached.  And, as I explained later that day to my wife Anita, "I may be old, but I'm still a tick magnet!"  Dirty little #@%&*s.
On St. Patrick Day, we took another crew out to work on the PCT and see if we could remove a little green from the environment.
Due to fire conditions, we were unable to run The Obliterator, so we did it old school with hand tools.  None of us minded having a warm sunny morning to work.  We cleared about .2 miles of dense growth.
Note the picture of Victoria Rochat modeling the latest in ultra running socks.  Post-work, we drove over to Todd's cabin for a well-earned lunch, topped off with a growler of Rustic Horizons ale (not green) from Manazanita Brewing.  Thanks to Todd for the use of the cabin and thanks to the friendly folks at Manzanita for a discount on the growler.  Thanks to our crew:  Dave Capron, Dale Miller, Vince Kahaler, Victoria Rochat, Dean Dobberton, and Weldon Thomson.

Ken Bonus