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3/2 and 3/3

Posted by Scott Crellin on Monday, March 4, 2013

I must say that the weather gods smiled upon us this weekend with unseasonably warm temperatures.  The weekend began bright and early on Saturday when a crew of Alex Batchelor, Eli Ellefsen, George Katsikaris, Bryce Williams, Ken McIntyre and yours truly met up at Paso Picacho campground.   Alex, by the way, is the current record holder for coming the longest distance to do trail work:  all the way from London!  Or as Alex put it:  "It's the farthest I've ever gone to do a bit of gardening."  After a short drive over to the Cold Stream parking area, we began cutting brush on the Cold Stream trail, which was about the only one we could find that did not have a bunch of snow.  It was not too long before we came to a fair sized oak completely blocking the trail.  Our eager crew, under the direction of K-Mac, commenced sawing with a hand saw and soon was able to pick up and deposit the offending tree out of the way of trail users.

In total, we cleared about a half mile of trail before we were blocked by more snow deposits.  As the day went along, it warmed up to the mid-70s, so that by lunch time, everyone was ready for a nice cold glass of Pivotal Porter from Manzanita Brewing.  Please see attached photos.

Sunday dawned a new day with a new project up at Todd's cabin.  Over the past year or so, the Forest Service has made a number of prescribed burns on Mt. Laguna, the effect of which, one hopes, will be greater fire protection for the homes and business on the mountain. Towards that end, the Sunday project was intended to double the size of the fire protection zone around the cabin.  This entailed removing a lot of deadfall, cutting limbs, removing brush, etc.  To kick things off, Todd brought out his I-pod player and soon was rocking the woods with the Rolling Stones, a perfect musical accompaniment to chainsaws.  Jeri and Rachel got busy hauling out logs that surely must have weighed more than both of them combined.

Scott Mills dove into the chaos under the cabin and turned it into an orderly affair with room to walk about and actually find stuff.  Mac, Cappy and Vic had three chainsaws hard at work, which translated into a pile of firewood for the cabin.  Everyone else helped dig drainage for the driveway, haul away cuttings and deadfalls, etc.  I've attached an "after" picture so that you can see the now park-like setting around the cabin.  Our next project will be to lay out a 3 hole mini-golf course.  I was busy sawing limbs off of various trees around the property, one of which struck back at me by inserting a branch up my nose.

This was, understandably, a source of great amusement for everyone else.  However, I predict that sticking paper up your nose will become the new bling and soon you'll see all the celebrities wearing this.

After lunch, Cappy tried to convey to Mac and I some of the new tips he's found for maintaining our power equipment.  It remains to be seen if his education efforts will pay off (note:  the glass of beer on the table with the maintenance tools, which give you some idea of the mental state of his two "students").
Of course, all that hard work resulted in a hungry crew.  Todd and Carola outdid themselves with a wonderful feast, including a great selection of craft beer and wines.  Many, many thanks to:  Scott Mills, Vic Dennis, Jeri Ginsburg, Jim Hamilton, Mary Barry, Paul Cates, Rachel and Paul Hassett, Dave Capron, Ken McIntrye and Edrie Totten for all of their hard work.  Many thanks also to Todd and Carola for a great meal and all of their many years supporting ultra running.

So, in closing, I leave you with our trail work motto:  Die ceanothus, die!