Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, April 21, 2013
Another fantastic group of volunteers meet up with me at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on a beautiful, crisp sunny morning.  Ken McIntyre came early to pull power equipment for us while everyone assembled down in the picnic area.  This included gawking for a few moments at a deer carcass (presumably roadkill) that the vultures had been working on.  We then carpooled up Peak Road to park near the intersection with the Westside Trail.  See the nice photo of our group, including the Campos Clan sporting their new Friends of the Trail t-shirts.
We started off with cutting back our old foe, the ceanothus bush.  I ran the gas powered hedger while everyone stashed the cuttings.  I had not run the hedger much in the last couple of months and about 3 hours of doing that completely kicked my butt!  Meanwhile, K-Mac and assistants moved on down the trail to work on removing a large downed tree that was laying in the trail bed.  There's a good photo of Mac applying his chainsaw to the poor, helpless tree.  Kudos to Rick Bearden for muscling up and out of the trail bed a couple of huge cut sections of the tree.  Sorry Rick, the photo I took was perhaps not from the most flattering angle.  
Mac and his merry band took out another smaller tree in the trail, and while they did that, I and a few others installed some water berms to reduce erosion (and to put the rocks in the trail to a better use than tripping some ultra runner).  See the photo of the tread work crew. 

All morning while all of this activity was going on, Nick Nudell was busy capturing footage on his GoPro camera.  We're anxiously awaiting the upcoming video.  Alas, his drone camera was not operating so we didn't get aerial footage.  Perhaps on a future outing.  In any event, thanks to Nick for being our videographer for the day.
Having accomplished a nice days work, we gathered up all our gear and hiked back up to the cars.  We returned to the picnic area for lunch.  I'd brought a growler of Captain Stout and one of Nelson IPA from Alpine Beer, and those proved very popular indeed.
Thanks to April Thorp, Edgar Campos, Margarita Campos, Maria Marveno, Paul Todd, Rick Bearden, Keith Swiatoski and K-Mac for all their hard work.