Trail work reports archive

4/22 to 5/2

Posted by Scott Crellin on Thursday, May 7, 2015

Is it spring, is it summer or is it still winter?  I guess it depends on which day of the week you venture out on the trail.  Just ask the runners in the Lost Boys 50.
Our previous Wednesday outings on April 22 and 29, we were out removing various downed trees in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  The usual Wed crew of Los Tres Kens (Bonus, McIntyre and Marsh) and Howard "Don't Call Me Ken" Wiggins, removed a lot of downed trees on Sugar Pine and some other trails.   On the 29th, our own world-renowned RD, Scott Mills, joined us along with Rick Hoopes and we headed back once again to Sugar Pine.  This time, we were on a mission to remove a bunch more trees that were blown down by the high winds during the Lost Boys race.
For those of you not in the race, I ask you to imagine that you're nearing the end of the 50 mile course on a rainy, blustery day when you run into......a huge downed oak tree (see photos) that you can just crawl through.  Ouch.  We got rid of 7 downed trees on Sugar Pine last week, but the massive oak will have to wait a few more days for the chainsaw pros of the park to finish it off.  Parts of it were simply too big for the biggest chain saw we could haul up there!
On Saturday, I met with Joshua Moulthrop, Mark Backes, Brenan Oliver, Rich Brownlee, Peter Cross, Art Messier, Matt Provencher, Ted Hering, Ken McIntyre and Ken Marsh to work on the Westside trail in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park.  It was a lovely spring day and we cleared .75 mile on this trail.  While I had previously informed the crew that Saturday was World Naked Gardening Day, no one selected the clothing-optional method for trail work.......  Post work, we had a relaxing picnic lunch at the Paso Picacho campground.  See photos including a nice before/after set.  Los Tres Kens were running a brush cutter and pole hedger and our hard working crew was right on our heels the whole way swamping and stashing the cuttings.  The trail looks beautiful!
Thanks to our great volunteers.  You guys and gals are so fun to work with.  It's great to hear (when I'm not ensconced in my sawyers helmet with ear plugs) everyone talking and joking around while getting the job done.g