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5/25/13 part 2

Posted by Scott Crellin on Wednesday, May 29, 2013
First a few catch up items.  On Monday May 20, we had an informal thank-you dinner for the Wednesday trail work crew at O'Briens Pub.  John Martinez and Scott Mills graciously agreed to pick up the tab.  Thanks John and Scott!  I was there along with Ken McIntyre, Howard Wiggins and Dave Capron.  A shout out goes to Paul Schmidt and Julie and Carlos Santillan, who have worked with us on Wednesdays but were unable to attend the dinner.  We spent much of the evening brainstorming over trail work projects for next season (more to follow on this in the next month or so).

On Wednesday, K-Mac, Howard Wiggins and I worked with Cuyamaca Rancho park staff on the Kellly Ditch trail.  I hauled out The Obliterator and we gave the ceanothus a good thumping, followed by a spray of herbicide.
On Saturday, we got a truly international crew together at Cuyamaca to work on the Burnt Pine trail.  This consisted of K-Mac (Scotland, at least in his mind and drinking habits), Iso Yucra (Bolivia), Pete Riley (Great Britain), Johan Cronje and his son Jason, and Harald Zundel (Germany), and your faithful scribe.  I asked Jason to be our photographer and he did a great job, along with working just as hard as any of the adults.  Who says kids today are no darn good?
We hiked into Burnt Pine from the Fern Flat fire road and I applied The Obliterator to cut back ceanothus encroashing on the trail corridor.  See the nice pics of the same.  We also trimmed back ceanothus from competing from some nice pine saplings that will, eventually, create some shade for us on the trail.  Finally, I sprayed the cut stumps with herbicide.  Based on stumps we had sprayed in this area several weeks ago, it appears that this technique is working to kill the plants.  We may have to rename this trail as Burnt Pine Boulevard.
Post-work lunch was back in the Paso Picacho campground.  See the photo of our happy crew enjoying lunch and a nice growler of Captain Stout from Alpine Beer.  Thanks again to our energetic, multi-lingual crew!