Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, May 5, 2013
On Wed, Ken McIntyre, Howard Wiggins, Ted Hering and I met at Paso Picacho campground for some trail work on the West Mesa trail.  We picked up from where we left off the previous Sunday and continued clearing brush until we connected up with some previously cleared areas just below the junction with the Burnt Pine trail.  I should note that Ted had recently returned from serving his country in Afghanistan and he seemed to instinctively know to treat the ceanothus and poison oak the same as any other insurgent.  The whole of West Mesa between Fern Flat fire road and Burnt Pine is now looking very nice indeed.
On Saturday, we had another crew in the Cuyamacas.  We worked on the trail going up to Stonewall Peak from the north.  K-Mac was able to join us for the first hour or so, and then had to run off for a park meeting.  Meanwhile, Hector Aleman, Louisa Harbage, Juan Gonzales, Wes Edell, Victor Runco, Anthony Saucier (and his son Moses), Christoper Goetzman and I battled away.  The main objective was to cut back ceanothus to create a wider trail corridor, and then I sprayed the cut stumps with an herbicide.  We hope this will give us a couple of years between required cuttings.  We removed a couple of small downed trees.  See the photo of the guys getting ready to launch one into orbit!
A few killer pillers were spotted on the ceanothus so look out for these nasty critters on your runs in the Cuyamacas.  After clearing about .4 mile, we hiked out for a picnic lunch back at Paso Picacho.  Another lovely day in the mountains, made all that much better by a few bottles of IPA.
As always, many thanks to our hard working volunteers.  Without your assistance, we'd never be able to keep our trails open.  We'll have 3 more outings and then put things on hold during the summer heat/fire season.