Trail work reports archive

5/7 to 5/17

Posted by Scott Crellin on Sunday, May 18, 2014
Lots to do on and for the trail this time of year!  On May 7, Dave Capron and I (along with other park staff) went down to Anza Borrego for annual training in the application of herbicide.  We staved off hunger on the long drive from Paso Picacho to the desert with an ample supply of donuts.  

On May 11, I went for a loop hike from the school camp up Harvey Moore and back around on Dyar Spring to check out the conditions on the HM switcbacks, etc.  The trail is in great shape, but this was before the recent high winds so could be a few downed trees out there now.  As usual, lots of wild turkeys.  

On May 14, I met up with Keith Rhoades and Steve Yamamoto to work on the Sunset trail (part of the SD100 course) on Mt. Laguna (sorry, forgot to take pics).  It was breezy and clear enough to see all the way to Pt. Loma from the trail!  We cleared brush, removed a couple of downed trees, hiked back to the cars and then drove over to Todd's cabin for lunch.  Dave Capron was at the cabin cleaning up equipment used in the PCT 50 so he was persuaded by the offer of free beer to stop work and join us for lunch.  It was a lovely day to be in the mountains.

On Saturay, May 17, at Paso Picacho we assembled another top-notch crew of volunteers:  Steven Anderson, Rebecca Ocain, teenager Konor Sachs, Maria Madueno, Maria Vega, Eric Miersma and Jenny Luoma.  We drove over to the Sweetwater trailhead  and hiked up Harvey Moore to its junction with Pine trail (part of Cuyamaca 100K course).  I fired up the brush cutter and we cleared all of the overgrowth on Pine trail and it looks great.  Check out the before and after pics.
Thanks for Konor for taking photos and for cheefully tackling several saw projects on the trail.  I fear we were not a sufficiently bad influence on him so we hope he returns for further indoctrination in the ways of ultra runners. Post-work lunch was at Paso and by then the temp was about 85 so everyone was happy to relax and eat in the shade.  Konor helped out by serving as the Eternally Vigilant Squirrel Guardian.  Everyone must be feeding them for they are really fearless.  At our last outing, one of them ran up on to my lap trying to get at some food on the table.  Konor's strategy of shock and awe seemed to keep them at bay.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work.  The trails are looking great.