Trail work reports archive


Posted by Scott Crellin on Friday, June 6, 2014

On Wednesday May 21, we got together a small crew at Paso PIcacho campground consisting of my son, Martin, Dave Capron, Rhonda Cody, Howard Wiggins, Darren Quigley and Ted Hering.  Dave, Darren and Ted took a chainsaw and began removing downed trees on the Black Oak east and west trails.  I took Martin, Rhonda and Howard and we pursued downed trees on Sugar Pine (first trail in the SD100).  Due to the recent high winds, both groups found plenty of stuff to do!  At the top of Sugar Pine, where it meets the Middle Peak fire road we discovered an enormous downed pine which was too big to cut with our chainsaw.  Fortunately, runners will be easily able to walk around it.  See photo.

In the course of working on Sugar Pine, I noticed quite a bit of new poison oak growth on the trail.  So, on Memorial Day, I returned with some herbicide to spray the new growth.  Hope I got it all, but runners should keep a watchful eye out during the first mile or so of the Sugar Pine trail.  

On Sunday June 1, we had our last large group outing of the season, again meeting at Paso Picacho.  The crew consisted of:  Scott Mills, Birgit Walpus, Matt Meiklejohn, Todd Hockensmith, Andrew Moulis, Keith Swiatkowski, Pascal Poignard, Mark Lombardo, Luis Alberto Reyes, Jesus Macias, Martin Santos, Rafael Cavarrubias, Denis Trafecanty, Joe Miranda, Patrick Meskell (plus Ken McIntyre wielding a second brush cutter and Dave Capron applying herbicide to the cut stumps).  Scott took a few volunteers over to Todd's cabin to work on pre-race set up, while the rest of us cleared brush on the Juaquapine trail (part of Cuyamaca 100K).  As usual, our volunteers really give it their all and the trail looks terrific!  See before and photos.  

Post-work lunch was back at Paso Picacho.  We wrapped things up just as it was getting pretty hot, so everyone enjoyed a nice lunch in the shade.  Another great day in the mountains!