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Trail Work News From All Over Cuyamaca Peak

Posted by Scott Crellin on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ah, spring has finally sprung in the local mountains, or so we thought on April 8 as Los Tres Kens and Howard "The Guy Who Isn't Named Ken" Wiggins headed up Peak Road to the top of the mountain.  Where we encountered ice on the trees (!) and an very cold breeze.  We quickly shuffled down to the start of the Burnt Pine trail and began clearing brush and various small trees.  Sorry, no pics.
The following Wed, the 15th, the Gang of Four returned again to the upper section of Burnt Pine to find that spring had indeed finally made it's way to the top of the mountain.  We cleared some deadfalls on the Conejos trail between Peak Road and Burnt Pine, and then continued clearing some tight spots on Burnt Pine.  I took an extra hike down the rest of Burnt Pine to scout out conditions for upcoming projects.  Then, a hike back to the cars and down to Paso for a well-earned lunch, topped off with an excellent Cappuccino Stout from Lagunitas.

On Saturday the 19th, I met up with Ken Marsh, Chris Hendricks, Joe MIranda, Scott Mills and Chris Sigel for another session on Burnt Pine.  This time, we hiked up via West Mesa trail and cleared a bunch of new ceanothus growth that was starting to clog up the trail since we last worked there 2 years ago.  We got the .75 mile problem area cleaned up so Burnt Pine is now officially ready for ultra running!

Thanks to Joe Miranda for humping out the gas-powered hedger for me.  I ran it for 3 hours after not having used it for a few years and boy did my shoulders, biceps and hands feel it!  Post-work lunch was back at Paso and after a brief session of horseshoes, we all enjoyed the lovely day and a nice meal together.
On Sunday, I was back up on the peak yet again.  This time, I met up with Ken McIntyre, Paul Chamberlain, Allan Colbern, Rebecca Ocain, Phil Anthony, Tom Nielsen and Dan Curley to work on the Conejos trail.  Note:  both Burnt Pine and Conejos are part of the Lost Boys 50.  Our hard working volunteers did great work on the trail.  K-Mac and I ran doubled down with 2, count 'em, two, brush cutters.  As a result, the Conejos trail is also wrapped up and ready for racing.  We did leave a few rocks behind.....
It was another lovely day in the mountains but I think next season, I might not schedule back-to-back trail work outings......  Post-work lunch was back in the campground.  

As always, many thanks to our volunteers who really put their backs into it, as the saying goes.  Extra thanks to the two Kens, Marsh and McIntyre, for pulling extra duty and lending a hand.  Happy trails everyone!